Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mr & Mrs Twit

                   Mr & Mrs Twit

Mr Twit is a hairy person. He keeps the most stickiest glue in his garden shed. He also puts the glue on the Old oak tree in his backyard for bird pie every Wednesday. Mr Twit  has a very big beard to, on his face and he also keeps lots of old food. So when he's hungry he just licks and something always comes out of it. EW. Now for Mrs Twit well I hate to break it to you but she's WORSE. She "Thinks" that she was getting the shrinks but obviously that's not a real thing!! But anyway! She's a disgusting slob like Mr Twit to BUT she cooks the bird pie and skins the birds like YUCK! They also HATE animals and they also keep Monkeys in cages. Mr Twit wanted to have boy pie when the boys came and sat on the tree, Poor things!
Both Twits have nasty things but they both play nasty tricks on each other. Mrs Twit also has a glass eye, She once put it in Mr Twits glass of beer and he got a surprise! Now Mr Twit wants to have a "Monkey Circus" so he made his 4 monkeys stand upside down for days and days.
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Pet Day

Pet Day!

WALT:  Describe our pet day.
S.C:  Make the reader understand my feelings about Pet Day.

On the 25th of November Oakland's had a pet day! It was a really fun day and lots of people dressed up as animals. It was a gold coin donation and I really enjoyed it. In the morning we went to the field and we got to see all the big and small dogs, well most of them!
It was a bit cold and rainy but atleast I was in my onesie.

Here's some pictures!

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The pet I liked most was the pug. I don't know who owned it but it was so CUTE!
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