Thursday, November 17, 2016

Woodend Camp - Feelings

Woodend Camp   17.11.16
WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.
S.C. reader will enjoy reading my description and my ideas

If you were to ask me how I felt about camp, I didn’t really want to go. When I went I would never regret my choice. Iit was amazing. I think it was amazing because when we turned up everything was so organised and all the bunk rooms were all clean and tidy. When we had free time there was a lot of activities to do the like maypole and the water slide. My favourite was the maypole because 4 people could play on it at a time and Karlie, Claudia and I were swinging on it at the sametime and it was really fun.

My 2nd favourite was the trampolines because I learned on the first day we were there, how to do a front flip. I was really excited when we turned up, but nervous too. I was nervous because I have never been on camp anywhere like that before and I was also nervous because I didn’t know any of the parents or the staff there. But when we turned up I was really surprised how much work they did for safety and how much staff there were and how nice and friendly the staff were.

Camp Activities
All of us got a turn of the following...

Climbing Wall

Team Building

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