Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mother of Dragons


WALT: Understand the purpose for writing.

Mother of Dragons - Picture Prompt

When the dragon had hatched, crawling out of its shell onto her bed, Zoya knew that her life would never be the same again.
She had brought the dragon far away from her village; away from the people who would hurt it and take it away from her. As she held it in her hands, feeling its claws affectionately digging into her fingers through her gloves, Zoya knew that exactly what she had to do. What they had to do. Together.
The dragon gazed at her. She could see the flames burning within its eyes. It was totally dependant on her, as a new-born child is to its mother. And yet, strangely, she felt dependant upon the dragon as well; dependant upon what it was and what it would become in time.
They would become inseparable. Their futures were entwined. Their adventures were only just beginning…
“Zoya” A voice yelled out, “Where are you?” Zoya heard the voice and recognized it almost straight away, it was her dad. She felt her heart pumping in her chest, tears started falling down her cheek and she grabbed the Dragon and she sprinted as fast as she could. She could feel the wind flying through her hair like it was some sort of blow dryer. She saw that the voice was now fading away but she still couldn’t trust it, mixed emotions were running through her as she didn’t know what to do, but it felt like her body did so she just kept running, and running.
Night started to fall, Zoya could feel the wind change to a southerly. Zoya rushed to the nearest tree and tried to find some worms for the Dragon, but nothing was there… She thought for a couple of minutes like, “Will we starve to death?” “Should I look somewhere else?” “Where am I going to get shelter for the night?” “Do I feel guilty from running away from my Dad?” At that point Zoya didn’t know what to do, she felt happy and sad at the same time. She saw the Dragon was getting cold so she started to look around, she went on top of a little stone and then over in the distance she saw a little barn, Zoya then took the Dragon and walked over to the barn. She thinks it's abandoned but little does she know…
She tiptoed into the barn, cautious that there may be something or someone in there. She went in the barn and she heard a noise… It was a noise not many people will ever hear in there life… She heard screaming, just screaming. It sounded like a little girl screaming…
Zoya then went over and put the Dragon on a little shelf she saw when she walked in. There wasn’t really much to describe it as it was old and rusty, the nails were sticking out of it like a sharp knife. Zoya knew that her life was at risk as she didn’t usually do stuff like this. Zoya then went up to the top stage of the barn to see what the screaming was, but when she opened the cold rusty door she then got a surprise that she wasn’t expecting. It was her younger sister, she never really talked about her as she was very shy and sassy. Her name was Breanna but everyone called her Bre, Bre loved playing with horses that's how she probably got here. She probably was out with dad, trying to get Destiny back in (Destiny's her horse) Bre’s spoilt though, she gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Zoya rushed into the room and untied her, she didn’t know what had happened but all they needed to do was get out of there, they would talk about it later. Zoya grabbed the dragon and grabbed her little sister's hand and she took them up to the big oak tree. Zoya didn’t want to talk to her sister as she would ask heaps of questions about the dragon, but it was the only way they could survive and figure out what was happening...


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